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If you've read any of my books, you know that I don't write complicated or edge-of-your seat stuff. I try to write fun books with entertaining characters.

There is one character that I was struggling to make more interesting, so I was brainstorming ways to change him/her. Last week, I came up with an idea that I like.

I must say, it's not something that I ever thought I'd write - at least not about that particular character. On one hand, it would be fun to go the route I have in mind. On the other hand, I'm a bit horrified that I'd even think of writing what I plan to write.

So I'll be hedging my bets on this one. I'll introduce the storyline but create a pretty clear way to get out of continuing it.

Or I may just chicken out and not do the storyline. I don't know if I'm ready for angry readers to tell me what a horrible person I am. But then, I said in my last post that I won't be reading reviews or comments that look like they might turn out to be mean or nasty. That means I can't use readers' reactions to change my mind.

I guess I'll follow Nike's advice and just do it!

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Updated: Jul 15

Sitting at my laptop writing used to be my happy place.

And then I started worrying about reader reviews, book sales, and what people think about my blog.

Like magic, my happiness disappeared. I spent hours trying to get my blog just right. I fretted over how readers would respond to storylines.

All that agonizing, writing and rewriting... It was endless, and I didn't accomplish much.

And so now, my goal is to return to my happy place. To write what I want to write. To create a website that's simple and easy to maintain. One that I like.

The days of worrying about what others think are (mostly) over.

I will not be checking reviews on Amazon. I will not be reading comments that appear to be negative and critical.

I'm not saying I don't care what readers think. I will put a lot of effort into whatever I write...and hope people like it. But I won't lose any sleep when they don't.

I want to have fun with the writing, and I can't do that if I constantly fret over details and people's comments.

You've been warned. From now on, I will write what I enjoy. I won't give any more release dates of future books (other than what's already out there). I don't stick to them, which only adds to my stress. When I'm close to finishing a book, I'll start advertising its release date.

So as of this moment, I am back to doing what pleases me.

I am officially back in my happy place.

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Updated: Jul 22

I’m very unmotivated and uninspired these days. I set writing goals, then I don’t stick to them. I’m not sure when I’ll finish the books I’m working on. I want to get one online by the end of the summer and the other online in spring 2022, but I’m not making any promises. If I did make a promise, I’d probably just break it! Hopefully, the delay will make the books better.